On Point Loyalty Capital
Offering a variety of financial services including corporate finance and asset management
On Point Loyalty Capital has a unique approach to advising and investing.

Long-Term Investment Horizon
On Point Loyalty Capital establishes long-term, strategic relationships with airlines and investors and seeks consistent returns across multiple business cycles.  

Engagement Flexibility
On Point Loyalty Consulting creates custom solutions based on the specific objectives of each client. The boutique firm attention to each client is designed to deliver long-term, breakthough results and rapid reaction to business environments.

Operational Expertise
On Point Loyalty Capital leverages its network of experienced airline loyalty executives to help manage investments and drive the growth of its assets. The single-sector focus provides opportunities for sharing of best practices and other synergies across investments.

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  1. Working Capital Financing
    Creation of securities using 3rd party gross billings receivables from loyalty partners to provide working capital needs to airlines.
  2. Private Equity
    Provide long-term strategic capital to grow loyalty program. Principal investors for financing needs of $10 to 100M and partner with other private equity firms for larger investments.
  3. Venture Capital
    Growth capital for technology companies in airline loyalty sector. Series B or C financing for companies with proven business models looking to scale.
  4. Secured Debt
    Term loans backed by airline loyalty program assets. Partially underwrite credit structures and provide operational support to grow loyalty business and ensure continued cash flow.
  5. Unsecured Debt
    Unsecured term loans for airlines on the path to airline loyalty monetization. Partially underwrite credit structures and provide operational support to grow loyalty business.


  1. Investment Banking
    Trusted advisor to airlines, financial sponsors and credit card issuers to enable capital raising and investment strategies in airline loyalty.
  2. Sell Side Advisory
    Provide strategic counsel to asset sellers on deal structuring, asset preparation, and sale negotiation dynamics to ensure optimal value is received for the airline loyalty program.
  3. Buy Side Advisory
    Partner with sponsors to acquire airline loyalty assets through acquisition, JV, leveraged buyouts, mergers or other restructurings.
  4. Carve-out Preparation
    Preparation of airline loyalty programs to be set up as wholly owned business units or new corporations including intercompany contracts, organizational design and capital structure.
  5. Valuation
    Depth of airline loyalty knowledge and financial expertise to develop the most accurate assessments of valuation of airline loyalty programs and credit card portfolios.
  6. Asset Monitoring
    Ensure value of loyalty assets remains intact by monitoring commercial agreements, databases, brands and cash flows to give lenders comfort in their continuing value.
  7. Capital Structure Optimization
    Determination of optimal mix of debt and equity for airline loyalty businesses to reduce the overall cost of capital, minimize liquidity risk and ensure alignment with management.
  8. Mergers and Acquisitions
    Independent advice on M&A strategies, synergy potential and risk detection through the lens of experienced airline loyalty experts.

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