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Top 100 Most Valuable Airline Loyalty Programs

Find out the ranking of the world’s most valuable airline loyalty programs in this 2020 On Point Loyalty report.

Evert R. de Boer – Strategy In Airline Loyalty

Strategy in Airline Loyalty offers the first comprehensive exploration of frequent flyer programs. Combining academic research with extensive examples and insights, the book explores the key drivers and strategies of airline loyalty management.
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Airline Business – Airlines Still in a Spin Over Loyalty

Air Canada’s decision to bring its loyalty programme back in-house raises the question of whether this marks an end to the spin-off-and-sell model for FFPs before it really took hold, or whether there is still mileage in the concept.

CAPA – The FFP Spin Off Model After Air Canada

Air Canada’s announcement to repatriate its frequent flyer programme into the airline sent shockwaves through the industry in May-2017

Airline Leader – The Future of Revenue Management and Frequent Flyer Programmes

Discover how the rock stars of the airline industry, revenue management and frequent flyer programs, are finally starting to sing in tune.

China – Winning in the World’s Largest Loyalty Market

China is set the become the world’s largest airline loyalty market. Learn about its unique characteristics – and opportunities.

Loyalty at the Forefront of the Transformation Curve

Presentation delivered at Open Innovations 2017 – how airline loyalty programs can be at the forefront of the transformation curve.

Reinventing Reward Programs

Presentation delivered at the Mega Event 2018. How advances in Revenue Management will alter the future landscape for loyalty programs.

The Future of the FFP Spin-off Model

Presentation delivered at the Mega Event 2017. What is the future for the FFP spin-off model, and how can airlines design the optimal structure for the FFP.