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The On Point Loyalty suite of Financial Planning and Analysis tools is a cloud-based management solution specifically designed for airline loyalty businesses to measure, evaluate and track their financial performance. Built with flexibility and robustness, the On Point Loyalty suite helps program leaders and financial controllers to make better business decisions - driving increased program value and profitability.

The suite of tools consists of a set of modules that can be used in unison or on a standalone basis. The suite is offered to clients using a flexible subscription model delivering a cloud-based solution.

On Point Loyalty Tools


Gain a complete overview of the financial performance of the program

Quantify the long-term potential of the program through a comprehensive set of business drivers. Size up the true performance of the FFP through the construction of an income statement.


Make better business decisions by understanding the impact of competing investment options

Understand the real impact of alternative investments and capital expenditure through flexible scenario modelling. Ensure that new partnerships are delivering true value.


Stay ahead of the game by reviewing the actual performance against budgets

Compare actual to budget numbers. Stay on top of the program's financial performance through an extensive dashboard. Take corrective action in a timely fashion.


Explore the P&L Calculator

The On Point Loyalty P&L Calculator offers a simple tool to generate an Income Statement for a loyalty program. The tool is useful to measure the performance of the loyalty program, and understand its underlying economics. Click here to evaluate the performance of your loyalty program using our complimentary P&L Calculator.


Explore the full suite of On Point Loyalty Tools

The On Point Loyalty P&L Calculator is part of the On Point Loyalty suite of financial planning and analysis tools. The full suite is a cloud-based solution and is offered to clients using a flexible subscription model.

The suite offers a unique solution to plan, track and optimize your program’s financial performance. The full suite not only includes a flexibly configurable P&L model, but also offers a comprehensive dashboard with a performance tracking functionality. In addition, the full suite offers a range of tools that will help you steer the performance of your program, including a cost per point module and a partner optimization model.

Find out more about our Financial Planning and Analysis tools for loyalty programs here.


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